Postcard Stories from Hamilton, Ontario

Postmarked: Hamilton, August 18, 1903
To: Miss Laura Hoskin, Ansonia Connecticut
Image: Gore Park

We have been having a four day Carnival in Hamilton and Mother & I
came down today. It is fine. This is one of the souvenir cards. Love to all
Alberta L
This is an advertisement postcard promoting the Carnival
Alberta mentions in the previous postcard to her friend Laura.
Postmarked: Toronto, June 30, 1906
To: Miss Marion Mack, Liverpool Nova Scotia
Image: East End Incline

See the odd car that goes up the mountain. The long narrow covered place
of the left is where the passengers go - the other part is for the teams.
However in this picture the people seem to be everywhere.
Postmarked: Hamilton, January 27, 1907
To: Mrs C.W. Bridges
Image: James Street South

Dear Mother - It is Sunday now and I am just through dinner.
Am going to look about this town a bit this P.M.
Invented something new today.
Have passed this corner 100 times or less.
Postmarked: Hamilton, September 7, 1907
To: Miss Edith Buckley, Paris, Ont.
Image: St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

Rec'd your card just before I came to the station and I will write to you
when we are settled. We like it fine in Hamilton. Although we are not nearly settled.
We have hardly any furniture as yet and I am writing this card on our kitchen table
with a candle for light. We have not got fixtures for electric light. When we were boarding
we were with a gentleman who was senior soloist in the church on the other side.
He was a singer not an organist. Be sure and write to 30 Grove St. Hamilton.
Postmarked: Hamilton, April 13, 1908
To: Mrs. Kate Meloy, Indianapolis, Ind.
Image: Old Entrance to Dundurn Park

Your pretty card received. Many thanks for same.
It must be a very beautiful park. The Dundurn is a very
large park and is also historical. Call again.
Daisy Robinson
Postmarked: Hamilton, July 3, 1908
To: Miss Edith Playtor, Toronto
Image: The Market

This is a scene something similar to one which I saw yesterday morning for Essie
and I were at Market. There wasn't a very big market though in account of the holiday.
We are enjoying ourselves very much. Will be home next week.
Your friend Iona
Postmarked: Hamilton, October 3, 1908
To: Mrs. D. Moynes, Lindsay, Ont.
Image: James Street Incline Railway

Ford and I are having a great time in this pretty city. We were at the
Jockey club races yesterday afternoon, out auto riding yesterday morning and
are going to the Grand Theatre to-night. We leave here for Buffalo Saturday.
I certainly was glad to get out of that crowd at the station.
Postmarked: November 16, 1908
To: Mrs. Evelyn Little, Trenton, Ontario
Image: The Famous "Tigers" Season 1908

How do you like our Tigers who were successful today against Ottawa.
We are so glad. The games was at Kingston 11 - 9.
Will write some day if you are patient.
Love to all Editih
Postmarked: Hamilton, April 21, 1910
To: Mrs. A. S. Johnson, Paraiso, Canal Zone
Image: Hamilton Conservatory of Music

Jean is fine we were here at a recital last night.
Are you coming to see us in May?
I think you said there was a chance that you would
I will wait and see anyway before I answer your letter.
Best regards W. E. F.
Postmarked: Hamilton, May 23, 1911
To: Miss H. Gyer, Newark N.J.
Image: King Edward School, Hamilton

Yours received and thanks for same. I am living down at the beach now.
I just happened to come up to town today for some things and got your card.
It is colder down at the beach in the city.
Sincerely, Ted Klingberl
Postmarked: Hamilton, July 31, 1911
To: Eva Scott, Youngstown, O.
Image: Verandah at the Brant Hotel, Hamilton Beach

This is where we had dinner yesterday
it's a great place and they feed you good
Postmarked: Hamilton, August 6, 1912
To: Oliver Lee, East Freetown, N.Y.
Image: The Beach

Received your card & am glad to hear you are enjoying your visit.
Alma & I are at the Beach having a fine time.
I am glad to say it is getting warm as it has been so cold.
Postmarked: Hamilton, July 20, 1913
To: Miss J. McKenzie, Kingston, Ontario
Image: Head of Queen Street

This is a photo of the steps up to the Asylum here. It is a beautiful walk,
but a lot of steps to climb. Hope you are feeling better.
I can do nothing but sleep since I came home, guess it was so much water...
Best Love Marjorie
Postmarked: St. Catharines, November 2, 1914
To: Mary Willils-Swain, Westown, Chester Co., Pennsylvania
Image: City Hall

We passed this building this morning on our way from Hespeler
to St. Catharines had an hr. to wait from 8 to 9 but the stores do not
open until 9 so could do no shopping. We see soldiers in every town almost.
A lot of young ones in Hamilton some with Scotch caps on & carrying plaids.
I spent Halloween in Hespeler.
With love Mother
Postmarked: Hamilton Beach, July 29, 1919
To: Miss C. Hicks, Toronto
Image: Holiday House

This is the side view of the House. It's the prettiest place you ever saw.
Am having a peach of a time,, bathing etc. Also notice the tennis court.
Girls here are very nice.
Love Carrie
Postmarked: Hamilton, November 4, 19__
To: Miss Leona Boufsfield, Jarvis, Ontario
Image:Normal School, Sophia Street, Hamilton

Like Normal fine but lots of work. There are 189 altogether. Wish you were here too.
I have taught once and have to teach again to-morrow. there are ten teachers.
The students had a Hallowe'en party Firday night and we enjoyed ourselves very much.
We had lots of fun mixed with work so we like it alright. By-bye. Write. Cora
I have marked my room

Note: On the second floor the rear windows are coloured blue

Postmarked: Hamilton August 10, 1926
To: Mrs. J. Ruth, Bethlehem, Pa.
Image: Dundurn Castle

Arrived safely. You would enjoy seeing the flowers in this park.
Lovingly Rae & Vivian
Postmarked: Hamilton, September 11, __
To: Miss Erie Procuricer, Ingersoll, Ont.
Image: Bird's Eye View from Mountain

Well here I am having a good time, but it is as cold
as Greenland. I will be home Saturday.
Yours as Ever Eva
Postmarked: Hamilton, January 12, __
To: Mrs. E. Freiger, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Image: Gore Park, looking East

Arrived in Hamilton just 2 hrs. late. Slept real good, had lambs
chops for supper & sausage & griddles cake for breakfast.
Lovingly Lydia
Postmarked: Hamilton, January 26, 1930
To: Mrs. B. Willis, Barnsley, York, England
Image: Gore Park

This is in the centre of the City. I pass this way every day.
It is all lighted up with coloured lights in the evening.

Postmarked: Hamilton, May 20, 1941
To: Mrs. A. C. Hoppewiath, Battlefield, Michigan
Image: Wentworth Arms Hotel

Everything is fine, nice trip, no trouble, lots of fun,
beautiful scenery. Am at this place right now.
Postmarked: Hamilton, September 25, 1907
To: Mrs. Ballard, Toronto
Image: St, Joseph's Hospital

(front) The grounds are beautiful. Can't see in this.
Am looking forward to going out on the balcony some day.
Harriet is a dandy special ___. (Back) I am gaining every day.
Every one here is sweet and kind. I have a dear little room to myself.
Am flat on my yet. The Dr. is fine. Love to all. Your ___ ____.
Postmarked: unused
Image: City Hall and James Street North

The building with the clock is the City Hall, in England we call them Town Halls.
This street runs from Hamilton Bay right to the fot of Hamilton Mountain,
and to get to the mountain top you have to pacy 5 cents to be taken up
on an incline railway car or climb 584 steps if I remember right.
The Hamilton Bay can be seen from our back attick windows on a clear day.