Advertisement Postcards
of Hamilton, Ontario (Part 2)

"The 1847 Girl Portico Scene"
Meriden Britannia Co., Ltd. Hamilton, Canada
View of King St. East Showing Gore Park
H. O. Interior of S. H. Knox & Co's 5 10 & 15 Store
Private Post Card
Wareen Bros. Office and Warehouse
"Early White Cory" - The Steele Briggs Seed Co.
Made by Chilton Company, Phila., Pa., U.S.A.
Postmarked March 29, 1911
Steele Briggs' "Earliest of All"
Made by Chilton Company, Phila., Pa., U.S.A.
Postmarked February 2, 1912
One Shipment of Fitwell Hats
Private Post Card
Postmark illegible
Balfour, Smye & Co., Wholesale and Manufactuirng Grocers
Postmarked August 26, 1911
Parke & Parke, Druggists
One of our Special Decorations
MacPherson & Orr, 20 S. MacNab St.
Postmarked September 17, 1913
The Traders Bank of Canada - Market Branch
W. C. Lannin Manager
Calendar Post Card
Postmarked February 27, 1911
Trudell and Tobey
The 2T's Post Card
Postmarked October __,1910
Welcome Easter Morning/Trudell & Tobey
Printed in Germany
Postmarked February 28, 1910
This is Tobey of the 2 T's in his Inaugural Suit (Half Scotch and Half Irish)
The 2 T's Post Card
Ontario Engraving Co.
Postmarked April 28, 1910
Canadian Winter Sports - A Snow Shoe Race/Turdell and Tobey
Private Post Card
Stedman Bros. Ltd., Brantford, Canada
Made in Germany
Postmarked February 3, 1911
A Peaceful Easter/The 2 T's Trudell & Tobey
Postmarked April 10, 1911
Thanksgiving Greetings
Trudell & Tobey
This is L. R. Tobey of the 2 T's wearing his famous
"Moonlight on the Farm" shade Suit and Overcoat,
(made in Hamilton by Coppley, Noyes and Randall),
that created so much excitement in New York City.
The 2 T's Post Card
Postmarked May 31, 1911
At Evening Close - Tobey, The 2 T's
National Series
Made in Gt., Britain
Postmarked October 7, 1912
Easter Greetings/Le Roy Tobey
Tobey at Two - Tobey Today
Tobey's Post Card
Postmarked August 18, 1921
Drummer, Seaforth Highlanders/W. H. Bates, King Street, Dundas
Millar & Lang, Ltd., Art Publishers, Glasgow and London
Printed in Britain
City Hospital and Nurses' Home/The Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co.
Published for J. B. Gay, Hamilton
Printed by W. G. MacFarlane, Publisher, Toronto, New York & Buffalo
James Street North/The Burrow, Stewart & Milne Co.
Canadian Souvenir Cards
W. G. MacFarlane, Publisher, Toronto,
Tartan Brand