Advertisement Postcards
of Hamilton, Ontario (Part 1)

Walter Woods & Co.
Private Post Card
Postmarked July 25, 1895
Walter Woods & Co.
Private Post Card
Postmarked December 19, 1937
The B. Greening Wire Co. Ltd.
Private Post Card
Postmarked October 9, 1896
W. E. Sanford M'FG Co.
Canada Post Card
Postmarked September 1898
J. Winer & Co., Wholesale Druggist
Private Post Card
Postmarked November16, 1898
Lawry & Son Limited
The Pioneer Seed House of Canada
Established 1850
John A. Bruce & Co.
Postmarked March 20, 1902
Hamilton Ont., from the Moutain
The most beautiful city in Canada, and the home of
The Canada Business College, a school that has trained
nearly ten thousand young people for the success in life.
R. E. Gallagher, President
Cloke, Bookseller, Hamilton
Postmarked November 9, 1903
F. F. Dalley Co., Limited, Hamilton, Ontario
Private Post Card
Postmarked December 7, 1904
Stanley Mills & Co., Limited
The Leading and Most Progressive Department Store in Hamilton
Private Post Card
Postmarked July 22, 1906
R. McKay & Co.
Souvenir Post Card
Postmarked November 16, 1906

R. McKay & Co., Big Store
Postmarked September 16, 1915
"The Road by the Inlet" Hamilton, Canada/Ontario Engraving Co.
Ontario Engraving Co. Canada
Hamilton Tigers/Ontario Engraving Company
Ontario Engraving Co. Hamilton, Ontario
Royal Hamilton Yacht Club House/Sawyer & Massey Co.
Private Post Card
Postmarked January 2, 1907
The Fire on January 18th, 1908, at McLaren's Limited
O. E. Co., Made in Canada
Elbert Hubbard
Private Mailing Card
A Winter Evening/The Rosery
Ontario Engraving Company, Hamilton, Canada
Postmarked December 10, 1909
Souvenir of Hamilton's Centennial, 100 Years of Progress
Pugh Specialty Co., Ltd. Toronto, Ont.
The Home of the Barrister Cigar/Hilda Cigar Factory
Private Post Card
Stedman Bros. Ltd., Brantford, Canada
Made in Germany
Postmarked December 21, 1909

Bank of Hamilton
Postmarked April 9, 1906
The Landed Banking and Loan Co's Building
Cor. James and Main Streets, Hamilton, Ont.
O. E. Co. Made in Canada
Postmarked February 8, 1909

Meakins & Sons - The Champion Cinder Sifter
B. F. Goodrich